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Hi everyone and welcome to the Loozitall website.  As I have gotten older I like amny other people have found it more difficult to sheld pouinds and keep the.  I strugged with finding what will works for me and the busy lifestyle I live.

Working a full time job which included a lot of overnight travel left little time to develope a effective exercise program. Also I have a son who is avid about sports and I made sure that I took him to every practice and every game he needed play in.  As life would have it he is older and in college and independent.  No longer having my son as my number one priority I started paying atention to the fact my clothes didn’t fit like they use to. Not only that i noticed that i was out of breath walking up the stairs at home.

I started seeking out information about health and wellness.  I searched the web for fitness programs, meal plans, and weight loss supplements.  You name the meal paln, I have been on it, you also name the weight less suuplement I have taken. I ave tried both routes both OTC and prescribed weight loss medications, my goal was to lose unwanted wieght.

Now i want to help others.

Over the years I have learned alot the many meal pans, supplements and medications.  Through trial and error and hundreds and thousands of dollars later I think I have a great grasp on what works.  ai want to offer some insigths into the different ways to control ones weight.


I have the philosophy that many people fail because they try life out as a loner when trying to achieve goals.  Everything in life has a previous foot[rint that has already been established.  Of course we can tweak things to accomodoate our own goals but we don’t have to go at it on our own.  I love reading stories about others success, it gives me the most wonderful feeling.


For most people getting started is the hardest thing to do.  In the past I had a fear of not succeeding, therefore I wouldn’t attempt to loseweight. In my mind I had already pictured myself failing at losing weight.  Any time I would liek for information on line I found myslef with information overload wigth the lastest greatest weight loss secrets,  As a result I would shrink away from starting and put my desires on th shelf for the next day.


I would like to provide a place were options and credible informations go hand in hand.The web has made losing weight alot easier by providing so many alternatives.  One thing for sure a healthy life will lead to a longer life where abouts you continue to be self sufficient.  Just because I have a history of different illnesses in my family doesn’t mean I will have any of themin my present or future life.


If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Gina Dee

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