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Everyone walks, at least those who are able to. From small babies taking their first steps to the elderly who had years of wear and tear on their bodies. every one knows that walking is a form of transportation but it is also a form of exercises. I might it is the cheapest form that exist. When people think of exercising the first thing that pops to their minds is being hot. Sweaty and near passing out. Walking is not the sexy exercise, it’s not the spin or Yoga classes that we see our favorite celebrities participating in. It’s low impact and considered were unsexy my people and is not inline with the “no pain no gain” train of thought most people have.

Walking To Burn Calories Is Very Beneficial To Your Health

Walking contributes greatly to cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that walking improves risks such as cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity vascular stiffness and inflammation and mental stress. In fact, it has been found that walking reduced cardiovascular risk by 31% and cut the risk of dying by 32%. This is evident even if you walk a mile a day at a pace of 2 miles per hour. Walking is considered a moderate exercise. Not everyone can participate in the high impart exercises like running and aerobics. Additionally, studies that walking has also decreased the risk of erectile dysfunction and colon cancer

I know people think that in order to be effective an exercise has to get the heart pumping and really fast. People associate a heart pumping very fast their metabolism burning fat. Even trainers have told us in the pasty that to lose weight we need to get the heart pumping and sweat it out.

Walking…….. The Moderate Exercise

Because walking is moderate non impact exercise. Most people can walk for a lot longer than most people can run. In addition, runners are more suspectipe to exercise related injuries ( 20 to u70%) compared to those who walk (1% to 5%). Walking through subway to work, taking the garbage, doing laundry, shopping at the mall or grocery are involve walking. The problem most people have is that they understand that you don’t need to be in sweats after work, hitting a tennis ball, or running up and down a basketball court to be exercising. Guess what, if you are moving into that place and going back forth to unload the moving truck you are exercising. Studies have found that those who take public transportation tend be on average less obese than those who drove to get to their destinations. Simple low impact walking is an exercise.

Make It Count…….. Count Those Steps

Researchers have established baseline for walk activity so individuals can determine where they fall from an activity standpoint. This is based on the number of steps that you take on a daily. So it has been established that if you take less than 5000 steps a day you are considered sedentary or inactive. Individuals who take 5000 to 7499 steps on a daily basis have a low active lifetyle and those who daily steps fall between 7500 to 9999 are considered somewhat active. Last but not least if you take 10000 or more steps a day you are an active individual. Another thing to consider is walking 10000 steps will cause you to burn between 400-500 calories a day. Remember all steps count throughout the day. Whether you are getting up to go to the restroom, going to lunch or even going to a meeting, all those steps add up to your daily total.

Most people will use their phones to count their steps some other will use a fit bit or pedometer. Whether it is you should start tracking as soon as you jump out of bed because those steps count. I don’t if keeping tally inside your head is possible for most people but I know those who have that way of keeping track of their steps. Which ever your personal preference just go do it.

Make It Easy To Estimate

If you don’t have a fit bit or pedometer or even a cell phone to monitor steps you can estimate, Think about this, there are1760 steps in a mile, So if your favorite restaurant is 3 mils away and you walk that distance that is 5280 steps, which by definition means that you have a low active lifestyle. However, if you back home that gives you a total of 10560 steps which makes you an active person. I don’t advocate spending money when you don’t have to that’s why I think folks should be innovative when it comes to getting steps in .

Walking Is Not Sexy But It Is Effective

Unfortunately the average American takes only about 2000-3000 steps a day. Within American culture are the Amish who take on average 19000 steps and as you would expect there are less obese people within that population. The Amish are not world-class athletes that go out run 15 miles a day, they lead a very simple lifestyle with horse and buggy as the main source of transportation. Also based on the amount of steps on average they take walking is a big part of their lives. Just based on approximation they walk over 9 miles a day.

I think the key take away from this article is to make your steps count. Whether are going to the cafeteria or to catch a train to work steps are involved and they should be counted. As a stated earlier walking is not sexy but it gets the job done. The amount health of health benefits walking has is priceless. In closing I say to everyone that waling indeed is an exercise.

Gina Dee

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