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Growing up I would drink pops at least 2-3 times a day. As a kid I wasn’t one of those Pepsi or Coke people mainly because the flavors did not stimulate my taste buds. In fact as a kid the taste of Coke was quite strong to me so I veered away from it. My favorite drink growing was Mointyain Dew, I just like that bitter/sweet taste on the tip of my tongue. Later as a team I begin to play organize sports so I couldn’t have my Mountain as often as I like and whenever there was a game I would be relegated to drinking Gatorade. Of course, it didn’ t replace my pop but fulfilled my need to have something sweet on my tongue. I avoided drinking water at all cost because basically it didn’t taste good to me. The health benefits of water were less concern to me at the time. The older and less active I became the more I started recognizing that need to be an integral part of my life. Whenever I would have blood work done and my result s come back the doctor would always ask if I was drinking a lot of water. My answer would always be somewhat because the truth was in the lab report. The report showed I was barely drinking water at all. Finally, I decided I needed to develop my own drink that would satisfy my taste buds. Hence, began my love affair with lemon water. Not only did it taste good it also helped with my weight loss goals.

What Is Water

Water is described as a colorless and odorless substance found all over earth, I is made of billions of molecule. Each molecule is made of 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atom held together by bonds. Water is found in three forms on earth. These forms are gas, solid and liquid.

Believed it or not approximately 60% of our body is made up of water. Water is used to regulate temperature and maintain other body functions. Since water is so vital to our bodies its imperative that is replaced on a regular basis. We lose water through sweating, digestion and even breathing so its important that re hydrate our bodies to replenish what has been lost. In addition to maintaining your body function, water also helps keep your tissue moist. Think about the dry eyes and nose and also the itchy skin. Also, water helps to keep those joints well lubricated.

The Day I Discovered I Could Make A Healthier Version Of Lemonade

The day I discovered my lemonade was better than what I brought from a store or ordered at a restaurant changed the way I viewed water forever. In the past I really had a hard time drinking. The most I would drink on a daily;iy basis was about 16 ounces. The only time I really ever drank a liquid was when I would eat something so I needed to have something flavored to stimulate my taste buds. However, the day I ran out pop was the day I discovered water and lemon were a great combination. That particular day I search and search for a can of pop without any luck. I would have even settled for orange juice or Tang that particular day. No such luck there was nothing available but water and lemons. During this time of my life I had given up regular sodas for those that were diet. That is day I created my sugar free and calorie free lemonade. I used lemons, water and Sweet N Low to quench my thirst.

I loved the taste of my calorie free lemonade, I could as many lemons as I wanted and make it as sweet as I wanted it. After my little discovery my love for water increased tremendously as long as it was a part of my homemade lemonade. When I would go to restaurant I would order lemon, water and sweet N low to drink. I couldn’t believe that during week I was going through at least 10 gallons of water. Eventually I started to cut back on the amount of sweetener I added to my water. Now I truly appreciate the citrus tangy flavor of ice-cold lemon water.

The Benefits Of Lemon & Water As A Duo

I know people write about the benefits of lemon as it relates being a great source of vitamin c, which boosts your immune system. It’s supposed to be most effective when you drink it first thing in the morning. It acts as an antioxidant to protect cells from free radicals. However, the most distinguishable difference I have observe since I have started drinking lemon water is decrease in inflammation from an injury that occurred with me knew. I used to have to take medication even after my surgery but now since I enjoy the of drinking at least a gallon of water a day I don’t have those issues anymore.

The biggest benefit for most people who drink lemon is probably its alkalinity effects on the digestive system. The alkalinity in lemon balances stomach acids which is needed to flush toxins from the digestive tract and reduce such issues as constipation, heartburn, boating and indigestion. Also, remember that lemon is a natural diuretic that flushes toxins from other organs like the urinary tract which prevents bacterial overgrowth and reoccurring UTIs as lessen the aches and symptoms.

You can also add lemon water to green tea which increases its antioxidant abilities. Since lemon water creates a neutralizing effect on the stomach acid which enhances digestion and prevent inflammation. This in turn will help fight off other major disease. Research has shown that lemon water aids in fighting off certain types of cancer because it keeps the body acid low. The properties of the lemon especially the peel are rich in terpenes like d-limonene which harness several anti cancer benefits which slows the effect of certain forms of cancer. Limonene is a chemical food in the peels of citrus fruits. Its used to promote weight loss, prevent cancer, treat can and treat bronchitis.

Start Drinking Your Lemon Water Today.

As I look back on my love affair with lemon water and how it begins I think that has been lost t in all of this is that it is good for you. I was never a water drinker until I made it into something that I liked. My initial lemonade was more like cotton candy because I used so much sweetener. As time grew by I wean myself away from the sweeteners and started loving lemon water in its pure natural form.

Gina Dee

4 Replies to “Lemon Water and Weight Loss ……..But There Are Other Benefits Too!!”

  1. I really appreciate your post! I am a huge lemon water fan. One of my favorite summer concoctions is to use some seltzer and a little bit of raw unfiltered honey with my lemon water. The seltzer adds a refreshing bubble to the mix. I am a severe Crohns sufferer which requires a relatively low acid diet to maintain balance. Lemon water is a great way to help maintain gut alkalinity. Thanks for an informative post!

    1. Hello Stacy,

      This is the best drink ever. You can alter the flavor to your liking also. One thing I didn’t mention is that it cuts my desire for carbs. I definitely like you Summer Seltzer concoction idea its very healthy…….very creative!!!! Thanks!!!!

  2. you have me hooked, tomorrow morning I shall be drinking Lemon Water. There was a lot I never realised about water and lemon, sure I knew to drink 1st thing but the benefits of reducing inflammation was a real eyeopener.

    1. Hello Cardelia,

      This is great for people are trying reduce inflammation especially in the feet and legs. Some days at work I stand alot and when I get home I grab my water bottle with lemon in it. More than the fact you like the article I am happy it can help you. Thank you!

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