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A couple of years ago I was invited to be in a wedding. Well about 3 months from the wedding I had to go on steroids and the next thing I knew I had gone up about 2 dress sizes. I freaked out because I though it impossible to lose the weight in the amount that I needed before the wedding. So here I am surfing the net looking for quick weight loss options. Let’s see, there was surgery, quick weight loss centers, diet pills and then fat burners. I was desparfarte so I wanted to lose weight quick, fast and in hurry without being on or spending large amounts money. Based the criteria I had in my mind fat burners were my selection of choice. Then I had to chose between non-stimulant and stimulant, well like I said this process needed to be fast. So I did some more research and determined that thermogenic fat burners were the chosen ones. The day I took the still lurks in the back of my mind. I wanted to start the day out fresh so I decided to take the fat burner I purchased in the morning before I went to work. All I remember is driving to work and then all of a sudden I started feeling very nauseated and extremely hot. Not only that, my heart began to race and I became very jittery, At work I wanted to peel off my skin due to the nausea I felt. It felt like I was riding a roller coaster 100 feet in the air. Even though I drank plenty of at work and before bed I finally went to bed 2 hours before I had to wake for work. The next day it felt as though I had been in a fight with a young Mike Tyson. Needless to say when I returned home I dumped that thirty-something bottle of pills down the toilet. Nowadays I dare not think of getting fat burners which are thermognetic. That had to be one of the worst experiences ever, the pill bottle was very appealing and the supplements inside look very harmless. You would never think that that pill would create so much havoc,

Am I Not Getting The Full Effect With Non-Stimulant Fat Burners

We Americans live in a society where the masses are taught if it does’t hurt its not worth it. In our society pain equals gain, our grandparents lived by the motto “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. I did sometimes wonder, why does pain and advancement have to go together all the time. Pain and gain was how I was raised and medicine was supposed to taste bad. Back when parents were growing up the term “Work Smart Not Hard” was another way to say plain lazy. So it would stand that I didn’t think non stimulant fat burners would work. I mean after all I thought isn’t the jittery, sweaty sensation that makes it work? I remember purchasing non-stimulant fat burner for the first time and setting them on the shelf to gain dust after 3 days of taking them. There were no jitters, sweats or late night TV watching because I slept like a baby when I took them. So I surmised that these little non-stimulant thingies were nothing but Sweet Tarts. I just couldn’t feel them working so they were useless in my book.


I Finally Used To The Internet To Learn About Non-Stimulant Fat Burners

Its a sad world when you make judgment on things/people based on hearsay. The common train of thought was that non-stimulant fat burners were not effective because they didn’t give you the sweats or make you jittery. But one day I decided to do my due diligence on the subject.

Once I read about the differences between stimulant and non-stimulant fat burners I really felt like I had been living in a cave. The main difference between the 2 was that those with stimulants contain ingredients like caffeine and ephredra which are external stimulants to act on your adrenaline levels. On the other hand non-stimulant fat burners use your natural pathways to lose weight. Basically this means that non-stimulants work to suppress your appetite, prevent fat storage, regulate blood sugar and insulin levels and aid in metabolism just to name a few of their actions.

Guess what? Probably the most intriguing thing I learned about non-stimualnt fat burners is that I could take them at night and get a peaceful night of sleep. Being able to get a good night sleep is a bonus within itself. This dispelled the common myth I believed in about fat burners.

My Final Thoughts About Non-Stimulant Fat Burners

Fat Burners which contain stimulants that affect your adrenaline system AKA put your metabolism on steroids will help you lose weight a lot quicker. If you are active and have very rigorous work out routines Fat Burners with stimulants are the way to go. These fat burners work in conjunction with your work regiments to help you lose weight expeditiously.

On the hand if you are like me and an 8 oz. cup of coffee can make your head spin then its best to go with non-stimulant Fat Burners. You still get the the benefits of the Fat Burners however the process is not put on steroids. Now there are people who once they have a rigorous workout the effects of the stimulants subside, however I am not one of those people. They stimulants keep me up at night and make me jittery during the day. However, each person’s body is different and its best to use the Fat Burner which best agrees with the physical and chemical make up of your body.

Gina Dee

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