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Sizes: SM, Medium, large, X-Large, XX-Large

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My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Colors Pink and Yellow

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Product Overview

In order to lose weight I know I have to eat a certain type of food, drink plenty of water and have an exercising. Exercising has been the weakest link in my get healthy plan so I know that I have to have something to supplement and aid in getting the weight off. I don’t exercise every day but I know I needed something to aid me in my weight loss without taking time out to workout.

I happen to be watching TV one evening and on comes this infomercial about this waistband. It said burn fat without even knowing it and I was sold. This was my first experience with a waist trimmer and needless to say it wasn’t a good one. This particular waist trimmer is a spandex belt that was a one size fits all. To put it on you needed to step into it or pull it over you head so you couldn’t really adjust the snugness. I wore to the park the day after I purchased it and promptly removed it in the restroom. I felt like I tooth paste when you squeeze the last remaining amount out of the tube. . The pressure on my stomach while I was just walking was too much. Also I really didn’t sweet that much and my stomach started to cramp.

This experience taught me what I didn’t like in a waist trimmer and what I actually needed. I was thus introduced to the Sweet Waist Trimmer.

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer…….. How Does It Rank

The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is ranked #1 amongst waist trimmers sold on Amazon. Also, BuyTheBest10 has it ranked as 9/10 for best trimmers for men. Personally for me because of the way it fit and the amount of sweet that my body generates when I am wearing it I am going with the Amazon ranking It comes in 2 different colors and several sizes which includes XX-Large. Even with the various sizes the available the product run a little larger so one can adjust the snugness of the fit. In addition the people I have spoken that wear rave about how it contours to their bodies and really fits. With a lot of trimmers if you waist is a little differently shaped than the average person pressue certain pressure points when the trimmer meets you body can cause you to be uncomfortable. If you haven’t guessed, yes I am one of those odd shaped people. I also preferred this belts over others because not only does not make me feel like I am trying stuff a whale in a t tuna can it gives me a lot of support for my sometimes achy back.

What Exactly Is The Sweet Sweta Waist Trimmer

The Sweet Waist Trimmer is a belt that wear around the waist. There are 2 colors pink for the girly girls and yellow for the guys. This belt is made of thick neoprene ( not that flimsy stuff you can use as a rubber band) the same material as that of a wet suit. Any apparael made of neoprene increases body temperature locally. The more you move and the more rigorous you movement the more heat that is produced in the areas covered by the material. In addition to the areas where the belt is covering you body becoming hot you entire body temperature rises many that times causing a generous amount of sweating. The Sweet Sweat Trimmer’s interior is padded but firm. It has a non-slip interior surface that is designed to repel you sweat. All waist trimmers should come with a cream to enhance sweet production and this one doesn’t disappoint. The gel enhancer is a great aid for those areas where sweeping is hard to induce. The Sweet Sweat Coconut workout enhancer is great smelling if for those of us who enjoy the smell of coconuts. Also lets not forget the premium belt which is supposed to help you lose weight in a shorter time period.

The Good And The Bad About The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer As I See It

The biggest advantage that I found with this particular waist trimmer is the fits my waist . It’s feels like it was molded to my body. Also, the interior padding next to my skin makes the feel extra comfy. The neon[her belt is made of premium material that is not flimsy and will keep its sturdiness over time Therefore I get the full effect of the heat generation on every inch of surface around my mid section. Water weight is the extra water stored all over body’s I tend to more sweet production all over my body with he Sweet Sweat Trimmer than with other belts. Another good thing about the sweet sweat trimmer is the gel enhancer. Its actually made of product sIcan pronounced. the emhancer containers white snow pertolatum which is useful for dry itcha nd rough skin, organic jojoba oil which is a natural emoilant. aloe vera extract inhibits certain bacteria, acai pulp oil which has been linked to weight loss and antiaging, Brazillian Carnauba Wax which is used for skin carepreparations and vitamin E which is one of the best vitamins for skin protection. All this ingredients cobined helps you sweat more.

The cons for this beltisthe general perceptions that people have of waist trimmers. FOr tyhose who think this belt is some magial pill that will frop tonsof fat, p.ease think agian. The belt is to be used as an aid in you routine to assist with weight loss. If any pther belts are claim that you will melt away poinds by simply wearing the trimmer I would like to to see the sientific documentation for that.



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